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It seems to be, that once you reach certain age in life, being single is regarded as somewhat of a taboo? *Please read the following with a pitiful tone of voice*

“Ohhhh, your single?”
 “Why don’t you have a boyfriend yet?!”
"Do you have any single friends for her?"
 “Let’s set her up with so and so.”

Sometimes the reactions you receive when you state that you’re single can almost be compared to those you would receive if you told someone you had a face distorting disease. Your audience feels sympathy for you, wanting to console and help you through this tough time in life.

Is being single really so bad?

I won’t lie, it has been awhile since I was in my one and only serious relationship, and it definitely wasn’t the healthiest relationship to begin with. Yet, I have had countless years of experience and have ended up with pages of permanent notes-to-self through observing other peoples relationships. Similar to the way that I don’t really know what relationship means, I have friends who don’t even know what single means.

Here’s a short list I’ve compiled of reasons that make being single awesome:

1-     I don’t have to share my bed and can wrap the blanket around my entire body without worrying if someone else is cold
2-     I don’t have to divide my weekends between friends and boyfriend
3-     I don’t have to worry about calling anyone. Ever.
4-     I don’t have to worry about texting anyone. Ever.
5-     I don’t have to worry about telling anyone my plans. Ever
6-     I don’t have to worry about someone lecturing me if I get too drunk (except maybe my mom)

To put it simply…
7-     Freedom

This is actually the answer I received when I asked one of the few single friends I have left “What are some great things about being single?” So the next time someone tells you they are single, don’t assume that it is a negative thing and act like they are ill. Some of us are actually enjoying single hood.

Now stay tuned for a compilation of why being single sucks.
I forgot about that list for a short second.

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