An act of  selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.

While having dinner at a good friends place Friday evening with her and her two month old husband, the topic of me being single came up. Seems like quite the popular topic these days.
En tout cas, this friendship has been going on for about fifteen years now, so we can conclude that we know one another fairly well. She says:

- You are someone who is single by choice.
- What does that mean? Are you insinuating that I choose to not meet someone?

Let me prove you wrong and at the same time defend my point. Just a few weeks ago I was out with friends one night and indulged in some conversation with a stranger of the opposite sex. I am far from superficial, but I believe there must be some physical attraction between two people, and although I felt no physical attraction to this person, I gave it a chance because he intrigued me with words; words are my weakness. Now, I knew he was younger than me, but I didn't ask his age. Even after he carded me, not believing my age. Throughout the conversation he mentioned being born in eighty-six, he later said he lied and was born in eighty-eight. I would never date someone four years younger than me, but I continued to humor him because he continued to hold my interest. I soon discovered he was an Aires, and even though I swore I would never ever date an Aries again, I gave the guy my number before he left.

Would you not agree I played extremely fair and regardless of all obstacles screaming no gave this guy a fair chance?

He texted. I responded. He even impressed me with his vocabulary. I was very open minded, sincerely considering accepting his offer to go for drinks. Then he added me on Facebook. He was born in eight-nine.

I deleted him. A girl has to draw the line somewhere.
It seems as though youngins are running the city making it extremely impossible to meet anyone over the age of 30.

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